Welcome to day by day, where we serve an opportunistic spirit sharing tools for the “business” of life.

We encourage good habits around organization rituals and information sharing on your terms, with your style – and value giving back to local communities with our charitable support.

Our store allows for personal choice and helpful hints to keep up with today’s schedules and life with a personal voice…evolving to make life easier and joyful…and being reliably present when most relevant.

the story of me - word by word - day by day

Day by Day journals


For all you’ve done, and all you’re going to do. From bullet journals, travel journals and inspiration logs, a journal is a place to connect your dreams and aspirations to the outside world. Keeping track day by day offers a view of life in a big picture way, creating a treasured gift of insight for the future.

Day by Day planners


No matter what the day has in store for you, a planner can help you manage a busy schedule and put you in control of your time and intentions. Our curated planners can help you find a little extra me time and play time delivered in your own style, keeping you present and planning what comes next.

Day by Day calendars


Calendar-keeping helps pave the way to an organized and intentional life ahead, keeping all informed while you record life’s moments and visits with ease. Added value of theme variety brings art and personality into your home.

Day by Day notebooks and pads

Notebooks & Pads

A notebook for every project - each with a different purpose and style to keep you moving and organized. Outline your novel or jot down your to-do list in sleek, natural or vibrant notebook styles. Find one - or many - to express yourself!

Day by Day gifts and gift bundles

Gift & Gift Bundles

Our giftsets, ceramics, pens, stickers and accessories are perfect for finding your happy, organized place and space – for you or those you love. Function, fashion, and flair allows for your personal express and personality to come forward!

Day by Day DIY planner bundles

DIY Planner Bundles

Daily, Weekly and Monthly planners keep our goals in place and help us work towards our big achievements. Our notes, checklists, goals and habit charts help shape where we are and where we are going, and live more intentionally.

Curated Gifts & Collections

Your story in
your own words

Day by Day promotional pencil set

12pk Inspirational Pencil Set
FREE with $40 purchase*

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Day by Day and Girls Inc.

it forward

Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart and bold

We serve youth LOCALLY thru Girls Inc., sharing healthy habits, tools and workshops for calendar-keeping, journaling and planning with unique personality and DIY tools for our next generation to thrive. With our in-kind gifting, events, promotions and annual donation to Girls, Inc., we keep our impact local. Join us in helping future generations to find their own Life. In Order. Day by Day.

Day by Day DIY

something new

DIY journaling tips
& how-to’s

A journal for every mood. A notebook for every project. Calendar keeping moments and memories written down day by day. Be inspired with our tips and videos to bring order and inspiration into view.

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We are with you day by day, as thoughtful providers of home rituals, tools and gifts that feel good in the home. Explore our gallery of journals, planners, calendars, gifts and accessories to enjoy life, in order, with your style.

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